DI Dr. Alexander K Nischelwitzer

Alexander K Nischelwitzer, DI Dr.: lecturer at the University of applied Sciences JOANNEUM in the field of Information Management, covering digital media development. and multimedia programming.

Education: Dipl.-Ing. (Diploma Engineer) in Telecommunication and Informatics (Telematics) - emphasis on Digital Image Processing and Multimedia Applications (University of Technology Graz, 1995); and University Diploma in Computer Science (University of Kent at Canterbury, UK 1994), Dr. techn. at the Institute of Computer Graphics and Vision (University of Technology Graz, 2002)

Work experience: 5 years at one of austrians largest research companies JOANNEUM RESEARCH, projects in the field of industrial automation and digital image processing (automatic quality check), 3D Visualisation and interactive simulation Projects (Simspace, interactive Space Flights), Multimedia Programming for CD ROMs (e.g. several multimedia Bike CD ROMs [Prix MMA 2000, 2001]), interactive multimedia Internet projects (Headscan, VRGraz.com [PRIX MMA 2001]) and industrial virtual reality applications (SimSpace, Burglift).

Current Research activities:

  • Web and Mobile Usability/Accessibility
  • online 2D&3D Data Visualisation and
  • new ways of User Interaction (eg. TUIs - Tangible User Interfaces)

Selected List of Publications

  • Visualisation of digital satellite data – Interactive Navigation, presentation at IST98 (Information Society Technology, www.cordis.lu/ist), Nischelwitzer, Almer; Vienna November 1998
  • presentation of new multimedia information technologies in the field of tourism 25th of June 1999, Schladming/Ramsau, in cooperation with Technical University of Dresden
  • Nischelwitzer, A.K. and Almer, A. (2000): Interaktives 3D Informationssystem für Planung und Tourismus; CORP 2000, Vienna, Austria.
  • Almer, A. and Nischelwitzer, Alexander K. (2000): 3-D Visualisation of Leisure & Tourism Information Based on Remote Sensing Data; Proceedings ISPRS, Technical Commission V/5, ISPRS Congress, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, CD-ROM, TC V-05-03 / 1,337
  • Virtual Tourism Information System based on remote Sensing Data, AK Nischelwitzer, T Benesch, A Almer, 24. International Symposium MIPRO `2001 May 21-25, 2001. Opatija, CROATIA
  • Web-based VR Walks through Cities, IIWAS, Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services 10-12. Sept. 2001, Linz, Austria, Alexander K Nischelwitzer
  • Nischelwitzer A., (2003) Advanced Multimedia Techniques for Travel and Tourism, IFITT Enter 2003, presentation 31/1/2003, Finnland, Helsinki
  • Multimediale Echtzeit-3D-Visualisierung von Geo-Daten, Thomas Schnabel, Alexander Almer, Harald Stelzl (JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungs gmbH, Graz, AT) & Alexander K. Nischelwitzer (FH JOANNEUM, Graz, AT), Corp 2003, Geo Multimedia, Vienna

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